As we mark a year since ChatGPT's launch, we gather experts from the industry, research and governance to reflect on the impacts on our society. What new challenges arose from these technologies? As students and scientists, what is our role in those challenges?

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⏰ Tuesday 5th December, 18:15

📍 Amphitheatre MX F 1, EPFL

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Tuesday 5th of December

18:15 Short “State of AI” presentation by the moderator, Diego Dorn

18:30 Begining of the panel discussion

19:30 Apero with hot chocolates from Chocopoly

There will be many opportunities to ask questions to the speakers.

Meet the panelists


Catherine Pugin

Delegate for Digital Affairs, State of Vaud

Johan Rochel

Co-Founder of ethix: Lab for Innovation Ethics

Teacher of “Ethics and Law of AI” at EPFL



Lennig Pedron

Soon to be announced speaker

We are still looking for one more speaker with a more technical background. Contact us at [email protected] if interested!




We are delighted to have Chocopoly, the hot chocolate association of EPFL serve their free hot chocolates during the end apero!

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